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Peach, guava, grapefruit, berry, and maui-wowie are just the start of the exciting flavors of cannabis beverages you’ll find at Wonderbrett. You’re going to love the convenience, taste, and whole experience. While technically edible, drinks have a much quicker onset of effects. Because the cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually as well as by way of the digestive tract, you’ll most likely feel the results of the THC and CBD in under 30 minutes.

Cannabis Beverages at Wonderbrett

Why not drink your cannabis? Whether for recreational fun or as a medicinal remedy, infused beverages require no expertise or extra gear. They are discreet, portable, create no mess, and offer a beneficial alternative to an alcoholic beverage. Avoid the hangover and choose to unlock creativity, boost mood, energize, relax, mellow out or socialize. Start low and go slow. Feel free to ask questions. The staff from Wonderbrett is here to help.

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Discover the many unique rewards of cannabis-infused beverages by shopping at Wonderbrett. Explore the wonderful variety and the exceptional quality of artisanal products. We take pride in elevating standards. From the upscale vibe of our weed dispensary to our friendly staff and amenities such as online ordering and in-store pickup, we represent excellence. Wonderbrett is easily accessible from anywhere across La Brea, Melrose, Beverly Grove, Hollywood, Koreatown, Westlake, Fairfax, East Hollywood & Pico-Union, CA.

Cannabis Beverage in Melrose, CA | Weed Dispensary La Brea, CA | Cannabis-Infused Beverages Beverly Grove, CA

Cannabis Beverage, Cannabis-Infused Beverages & Weed Dispensary Hollywood, CA, Koreatown, CA, Beverly Grove, CA, Westlake, CA, Melrose, CA & La Brea, CA

Cannabis-Infused Beverages in La Brea, CA | Weed Dispensary Koreatown, CA | Cannabis Beverage Melrose, CA

Cannabis BeverageWeed DispensaryCannabis-Infused Beverages ∴ Westlake, CA ∴ Koreatown, CA ∴ Beverly Grove, CA

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